... our philosophy

We consider the direct communication as the most efficient instrument for the active search of managers and specialists. We refuse the term ‘Headhunting’ because we understand the direct communication of candidates as an effective communicative device and not as an enticement. Satisfied employees can be neither appealed nor poached.

As far as our experience goes we encounter numerous managers and specialists which set again increased value on the direct conversation with a competent partner because of an oversupply of various networks and online job exchanges.

Despite our specialisation on filling of technical positions of different hierarchy levels we are able to find suitable candidates speedy and successfully in nearly all industries. Our method know-how and our analytic-structured approach make this possible.

Every search project is individual, unique and new seen for itself because we live in a dynamic world. The search for a technical director in 2015 does not equal the search for a technical director today. Changes of the job market, the salary structure as well as differences in the requirement profiles or regional circumstances do not admit a snatch in the candidate data bank and lead to a disillusion of the situation.

In our trainings and coaching activities we respect the personality of the trainees and coachees. We give stimuli and motivation, no guidelines or demands. Our coaching is help to self-help. Should we perceive within the scope of our trainings and coaching activities distinctive features which need therapeutic assistance, we will clear this discreetly with the affected people.