5th March, 2018

Rather computer than HR person

Which applicant already feels like being selected by a robot? According to a new study of the University of Bamberg a few are not. One quarter works out even better chances, if a clever algorithm instead of a person takes over the candidate choice. Above all women trust an artificial intelligence stronger than men; many have the hypothesis, the computer is more neutral and discriminates less. Six percent of the questioned companies admit using algorithms topically already to sort their application packs. Seven of ten think that such systems come in future. For the representative questioning which was ordered by the recruiting website "monster" 2800 candidates provided information, on the company side 117 of the biggest 1000 German enterprises.

16th January, 2018

Be better honest in the application

To overdraw in CV seems to be temptingly. But flams falls to applicants often on their feet. Particularly in Germany: In this country just three quarters of the managers have sorted out already once a candidate, after false statements in the CV had blown the whistle on; so many as usual nowhere in Europe. In France one is less sensitive: There more than half of the managers tolerate a false overstatement in the application process. Also in Great Britain, only 59 percent of the managers draw the obvious conclusions, after they have catched applicants out doing with faking. Most often applicants simulate the competence which they do not have. False statements about their work experience stand on place 2 of the most frequent fibs. On place 3 lies about foreign language competences succeed. The findings come from a survey of the manpower service provider Robert Half among 500 managers.