… Brigitte Allroggen


  • Diploma in educational sciences and industrial design
  • Additional studies in linguistics and literature
  • Qualified in conversation management, conflict management, team building, change management and personality development

Work experience

...trainer and coach for 20 years:

  • Team building and employee's trainings in communication, conversation management, stress management, progression in learning and performance, personality development
  • Coaching of high performers, managers and self-employed persons or freelancers

...consultant and designer for 20 years:

  • Corporate identity and corporate design, development of brand concepts
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional brand communication, presentation concepts and room setting in the lifestyle segment

Core areas

  • Expert consulting and coaching in corporate personality and mission, leadership behaviour, communication, consulting in change and development processes
  • Coaching of high potentials from occupational groups with high stress level
  • Focal topics: leadership behaviour, reflexion of problem solving behaviour, conversation behaviour in appraisal interviews, conflict management, support of innovation processes, burn out prevention, individual appearance and self assurance, orientation and change